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Have you bought the Sales Navigator upgrade, but not got the value you were expecting? This course is for you.

Ideal as a follow on to our most popular LinkedIn Accelerator course this one drills into the depth of functionality and explains how you can use this to drive more leads, opportunities, referrals and revenue.

The Sales Navigator functions enhance your existing knowledge with skills that enable you to acquire clients using the functionality including search, leads, accounts, tags and more.

Identify your perfect potential client, learn about the various ways to research them, gain a referral, a meeting or sell your ideas, products or services.

Leverage the advanced search to identify companies that hit your sweet spot, use your powerful networks to shorten sales cycles and gain access – effectively and efficiently using LinkedIn.

Understand where PointDrive fits, how to use InMail, TeamLink and more – all at your fingertips to help you to drive maximum impact from LinkedIn.


Automate the generation of leads across your target clients.

Receive a stream of updates on your potential leads and clients.

Research about prospective contacts on LinkedIn for sales opportunities and routes to market.

Identify parties in complex deals, map the white space in accounts and use insights from within LinkedIn to shape your approach, tender or sales presentation.

Understand what the Social Selling Index (SSI) is and where it is relevant to you and your approach to LinkedIn.

Effectively manage your nominated accounts and identify areas to expand.

Use LinkedIn to map, stalk and research your competitors and their clients.

The programme includes:

Automate the identification, filtering and delivery of your chosen demographic of easy to access leads and referrals

Account based selling enablement using search to map the account (white space, decision makers etc) and expand depth of account penetration.

Secure and make more effective meetings using research and insights from within LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Streamline a lead and account specific news feed with the latest updates from or about them.

Access the connections of your network using search or TeamLink to access potential clients and interested parties through referral to shorten your sales cycles.

Oversight of what to do on Sales Navigator and how much time to invest.

Reminder of how to talk to people on LinkedIn using updates and comments to drive the engagement and value perception of those around you.

Explanation of when to use InMail most effectively (and when to avoid it!)

PointDrive gives you another tool to exploit within LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition and Team levels of upgrade).

This full day’s course will open your eyes to the value of LinkedIn Sales Navigator upgrades, highlight what to do and provide you with pragmatic approaches to make it work for you. Truly unlocking the social selling aspects of LinkedIn for your team.

We limit participants to 10 people per course to ensure everyone receives individual attention and provide a set of course notes for you to complete and during the full days course and reference after the course.

If you’d prefer a longer term or programme-based approach you might want to check out THIS page.

The cost is £3,000 plus VAT and expenses.


As the sales leader for a fast-moving start-up, I was extremely keen to identify the most effective way to prospect for new opportunities. We trialled several different products until finally deciding to invest in a number of LinkedIn Sales Navigator licences.

Despite a significant financial outlay, we simply didn’t get the sales team adoption we were hoping for and even where we did, usage was rudimentary at best. LinkedIn training options were re-examined but we didn’t feel the repetition of more, remote, online sessions would make a substantive difference.

The only option really was to work with James Potter, The Linked In Man, as he had already trained the team on ‘vanilla’ LinkedIn and the feedback from the guys had been unanimously positive.

Following our briefing calls, James then designed a course that met our precise requirements and delivered it in person at our training centre in Hartham Park.

Sales Navigator has since become the primary prospecting tool for all members of the sales team. High value partnerships with Experian, Microsoft and Salesforce were all initiated using the platform; testament to the success of the initiative and we are extremely grateful for James’ insight and expertise.

A fabulously informative programme that will not only assist you in promoting yourself more effectively via LinkedIn, but also how to strategically maximise quality contacts and build business opportunities. James is a wealth of knowledge in this field!

We took James’s Sales Navigator course which was a revelation on how powerful a tool it could really be with focused, expert training. The course was spot on and delivered in a well planned, creative and somewhat humorous manner. We started seeing positive results straight away as James helps you to set things up on the day so you can use it immediately after the course. If you are using Sales Navigator without James’s excellent course then you are wasting your time; you may as well watch the latest Brexit debate.

I have had a couple of sessions with James, and I would recommend him to anyone. Keeps the learning fun and very informative. We have seen a marked increase in successful responses on LinkedIn since our training and is a must for any sales team looking to generate more leads and have more meaningful connections.