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Paul Mann
Managing Director – LinkStep R&D Tax Services




LinkedIn has become a vital tool for us, equating to over 50% of our billable new clients and James has helped us to make it work where it matters – bottom line

Sarah Jarvis
Healthcare Relationship Manager – Wesleyan







I have managed to secure a £1.4 million deal from LinkedIn. I wouldn’t of got this if I hadn’t of been updating on the work I have been doing in the dental sector. Just yesterday I received a potential £7 million deal from somebody who started the email with “I have seen all the stuff you have been doing on LinkedIn about pharmacy and thought it could be a deal for me” I am now on my way to meet with him and discuss the opportunity!!

Andrew Rhodes
Managing Partner Sobell Rhodes (Award winning accountants)




As accountants our main source of clients is from referrals. James has transformed our approach to obtaining referrals. Using his processes has enabled us to derive between 3 and 15 referrals from every networking meeting we attend. He is a true inspiration and also a thoroughly nice chap.”

John Howells
CEO – LINK Scheme




We wanted to use LinkedIn to showcase the consumer focus and professionalism of the LINK business and its leadership team.  With James’s guidance, this has been achieved.  This has helped us to improve our customer impact, make the most of our resources, and made a real difference to how we develop our client relationships.



Using simple techniques and a little time has enabled our team to net over £22,000,000 of new revenue from social selling in a year – surprisingly good. I wouldn’t recommend James to anyone as I believe he gives my team a competitive edge.

Ian Thurgood
Managing Director – The Business Explorer Limited




Taking your advice and using has become part of the rhythm of my working day but even I was pleasantly surprised when one of your ways of making LinkedIn work effectively turned into immediate new business earlier this week. I now have a new monthly client who will add a good 10-15% to our turnover this year.

Dr Clifford Saunders
Founder& Partner – Too Serious! unLimited




I am partway through implementing the ideas you coached me on for getting more success out of LinkedIn and in only a couple of weeks I have quadrupled my ‘Profile Views’ and my ‘Searches’. This has a direct effect on our company’s revenue.

Lorraine Calcott
Director -It Does Lighting Ltd (award winning lighting designer)




I have made over £50,000 just from LinkedIn, a profile that attracts people, keeping in touch and doing simple things has got me work with Google itself and leading London hotels.

Alyson Roach
Executive Director – BNI




I wanted to put on a Big Breakfast for all the Members to add some value to their membership. When I was thinking about a guest speaker I did not have to put too much effort in to it as having met James and been on his course I knew my members would learn a lot from his presentation. It was amazing and the feedback from my members was brilliant.

Andrew Haslam
Litigation Support Consultant – Allvision Computing




I spent a day with James, followed his advice, and have vastly improved the way I interact with my LinkedIn connections, resulting in an increase in sales of my eDisclosure training courses

Steve Harman
CEO – Networked Results




I am stunned that whilst I believe I am a top level networker, I am now way better and slightly unsure of how to deal with it…..is that wrong? I love helping people and businesses and you have elevated my capability and I thank you for the magic you have injected in me beyond my believed genius!

Nigel Davey
Director – SME Needs




A mobile phone software company emailed me after finding me on LinkedIn. Although we share a connection, it wasn’t a referral or introduction that led to him contacting me; it was simply the content of my profile. Our first conversation lasted over an hour and we then met up a few days later to discuss the finer details of his service and how I can help improve his marketing. This has now turned into a long-term contract and will deliver a 40:1 return in investment on the resource I put into LinkedIn

Tracey Rogers
Managing Director – Unilever Food Solutions




James Potter is an expert in teaching people how to get the most out of linked in. Fun to work with , he has boosted the sales potential of my team significantly

Julian Humphreys
Maxxia Limited

I have been really pleased to see the change in use and results after our LinkedIn training with one of our BDM’s now generating over 80% of revenues using LinkedIn.

Dean Curtis




As I set up and grow sales organisations engaging the LinkedIn Man to coach and tutor is an important step in the evolution of building a world class culture. His excellent guidance ensures that you are representing yourself in a focused, appropriate, customer centric way in order for target prospects to connected directly.

Being able to engage and navigate the largest business network in the most effective and time efficient manner delivers significant results. LinkedIn is without a doubt, in current times, the best business prospecting tool available to any B2B sales team and The LinkedIn Man ensures this opportunity is maximized

Phil Lewis
Managing Director – Corporate Punk


corporate punk logo




Full of clever and insightful advice on how to profit from LinkedIn, James helped us to unlock demonstrable commercial value from this key business and brand asset. Amongst other things, our LinkedIn presence helped to secure a five figure client win – after James got involved! He’s also great fun to chat to, and clearly committed to doing the best by his clients. I’d recommend James highly for anyone who suspects (rightly) that LinkedIn is not just “another social network”.

Steve Davis
Owner – Wildfire Creative & Marketing





We all think we know what LinkedIn does… then we meet James. How wrong we are. Yes, we have an idea of what LinkedIn is all about, but going on one of the courses that James runs is jaw dropping, eye opening, rewarding and most of all, fun!

From making just a few basic profile tweaks and learning how to make LinkedIn work better and harder, I was able to connect with two people who became clients and have spent over £33k with my business. For a small SME, and only being in business for the first year, this was a huge deal for me – I doubt this would have been possible without the input from James.

I can only suggest that you get in touch with James and meet him for a cup of tea, no, coffee, it’s definitely coffee, and see how he can help you or your organisation. His enthusiasm and support are second to none…. it will be the best spend you make this year!

David Kimbell
Founder – Kimbell Applications

I’ve had a LinkedIn profile for seven years, and have been very proactive with it. Yet my efforts weren’t generating any kind of measurable business return. So I took the LinkedIn Essentials course. I’d met James eighteen months previously at a Professional Contractor’s Group event. He impressed me instantly. I recognised not just his expertise with LinkedIn, but also his business acumen, and I was seeking both.

Three months later, viewership of my profile has roughly quintupled, by implementing just four of the things I learned on the course. Together with my blog, it led to a referral, which led in turn to winning a new client (without me seeking any referrals!)

However, the course material is at least matched in value by the business enthusiasm and acumen that you will soak up from James himself. He is a terrific mentor, teacher, and friend. I heartily recommend spending any time with him you can. It will be worth far more than any money you may pay.

Hugh Adams
Head of External Affairs – Brain Tumour Research




Having been introduced to the world of LinkedIn by James in early 2011 it has become an essential tool in terms of our business development and stakeholder retention. One of the key parts of an induction for any new external facing team memberis to undertake LinkedIn Essentials training. Personally it has helped me to identify decision makers in the companies I want to work with and to then connect to them through my network. As an organisation it is a key platform in retaining corporate support by posting developments, thoughts and comment relevant to those engaged with us.

Crucially LinkedIn enables us to challenge the preconceptions of the traditional charity model and face forward as a driven, ambitious business – albeit one dedicated to improving outcomes for brain tumour patients.

Stephen Jarvis

I originally used it to prospect for business in the UK and indeed in my short time there we were able to connect with prospects that netted NEV Storage about £75,000.

Since then using the tools I learned in your class, I have used LinkedIn for recruiting. I saved my company in excess of $65,000 in recruiting fees, and was able to hire 6 dynamic employees right from my LinkedIn advertisement.

Alexander Webb
Marketing Manager – Marine Stewardship Council




I have seen a big rise in colleagues using LinkedIn as a tool to build and seek out meaningful business relationships and influencers. It helped colleagues re-frame LinkedIn beyond a recruitment space to somewhere to develop meaningful interactions, helping to propel our organisational and culture toward social.

(an Apple Inc subsidiary)




If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a LinkedIn course run by James then you need to book now. It will be worth it for the entertainment value alone. We now achieve greater reach and awareness of FileMaker via the techniques taught than we did previously just by investing a little time each day. James’ rare talent is to combine comedy, wisdom and really valuable business insights to leave you ready to change the way you do business immediately.