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LinkedIn Executive Strategy and Awareness

Very few people really understand just how much LinkedIn can impact their bottom line and deliver business success. Our Strategy Workshop aims to show you how to reap the most impact from your LinkedIn presence.

Professionals often cite referrals and recommendations as the best and most frequent route to new business; some of our clients say they get over half of theirs from LinkedIn.

This one-and-a-half-hour strategy session is designed to teach you what LinkedIn can do, how it can move your business forward and how to quantify the impact it has on your business. The session will provide you with valuable insight, clarity and guidance on how to use LinkedIn.

The programme includes:

Briefing on LinkedIn size and scope.

What LinkedIn really does that can help your business.

How personal and company brand visibility can drive messages, deliver engagement and grow your bottom line.

How LinkedIn demonstrates and validates your credibility.

How today’s relationships will unlock tomorrow’s clients.

Understand your potential audience on LinkedIn.

Compare your competitors and your own LinkedIn profiles.

The business case for progress and high-Level plan to use LinkedIn for business success.

Priced at £1,000 plus VAT and expenses. If you would like to discuss this service further please get in touch so that we can arrange to speak.


A fabulously informative programme that will not only assist you in promoting yourself more effectively via LinkedIn, but also how to strategically maximise quality contacts and build business opportunities. James is a wealth of knowledge in this field!

We took James’s Sales Navigator course which was a revelation on how powerful a tool it could really be with focused, expert training. The course was spot on and delivered in a well planned, creative and somewhat humorous manner. We started seeing positive results straight away as James helps you to set things up on the day so you can use it immediately after the course. If you are using Sales Navigator without James’s excellent course then you are wasting your time; you may as well watch the latest Brexit debate.

I have had a couple of sessions with James, and I would recommend him to anyone. Keeps the learning fun and very informative. We have seen a marked increase in successful responses on LinkedIn since our training and is a must for any sales team looking to generate more leads and have more meaningful connections.

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