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LinkedIn Organisational Review

Working with a range of companies across the UK and the globe we are often asked at the outset “How do you think we are doing?” as companies sometimes assume that they are in a good place and doing the right things well on LinkedIn and not wasting time.

To help businesses understand what good looks like, where they are strategically, tactically and operationally we offer a review of the current status sharing our experience of helping over 125 UK Plc’s across thousands of profiles and business cases.

We will review a sample range of personal profiles of staff members across the business – 5 from the executive level, 5 from management level and 5 from staff level.

These profiles will be reviewed and scored as an indication of the realised value and the potential value, and will include a fifteen-minute interview with each of the selected staff members to assess how they are currently using LinkedIn to impact the business and assess this against their roles.

We will also carry out a review of the brands company pages, looking for full use of the available functionality, the professionalism of the presentation and exploitation of the brands both from a client, customer and market awareness perspective within LinkedIn.

The outcomes of this review include:

Scores for all fifteen inspected profiles, a review of their LinkedIn activity, comments on their current use of LinkedIn and its potential for them.

Overall general score for a quick oversight of all staff profiles and associated general observations.

Scores for all inspected organisational profiles, comments on current use of LinkedIn company functionality and potential to spread the message about the business, its value and engage your audience.

The report will highlight the potential areas which can be made more efficient, identifying staffs over use of LinkedIn and where brand damage might occur through inappropriate profiles, activity or connections.

Identifying some enhancement areas using your existing internal training resource or, if required, external support from an expert, such as ourselves.

The cost for this service is £2000 plus VAT and expenses.


James’s training has been invaluable to our organisation. I was ‘playing’ with LinkedIn and not really getting anywhere. He shows you strategies that work and that don’t require huge amounts of time. He is the best in the business.

As with most organisations, we were registered on LinkedIn, but weren’t really making appropriate use of it. We identified a lot of areas we simply weren’t aware of and how much it could increase our productivity in getting in front of hard to reach people.

What really sets James apart is his use of examples and his ideas on how these tools can be used from a relationship and business development perspective that really helps you and your organisation. Both his LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn company courses are essential. James will teach you all the tips, tricks and hidden elements of LinkedIn.

I engaged James to help my sales organisation utilise LinkedIn effectively. James has a very deep, detailed knowledge of how LinkedIn works and was pivotal in helping my team improve their performance in this area by a huge margin.

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