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LinkedIn Accelerator

Referrals, introductions and networking have always been the best way to get new clients. However, generating such leads takes time and effort.

How can you work most efficiently to unlock this pot of gold? LinkedIn is your answer.

There are over one billion users on LinkedIn, that’s more than half of the business people on the planet, making it by far the world’s largest business-to-business social network. Not only can you identify the people you want to meet, but you can also find the people who can make valuable introductions.

Our LinkedIn Accelerator course helps you understand the key functions that make LinkedIn such a high-value tool set, and helps you learn how to use it to transform you, your business and your bottom line. 



Consistent approach to profiles, messaging and use across the business teams.

Providing staff with hundreds of potential easy to reach referrals to sales opportunities, partners, resources, press and more each month.

Demonstrating ‘why you’ can help on the biggest professional network.

Using the power of the staffs’ networks to drive the business, culture and messages at all levels more effectively.

Improving efficiency by using LinkedIn to validate and value ‘interesting’ people.

Enabling social selling as traditional sales approaches lose relevance, differentiation and impact.

Driving social engagement and ‘word of mouth’ to spread the word of the great work the business does.

Develop a successful approach to LinkedIn using minimal time.


Our training covers:



  • Overview of LinkedIn and how it works with other social media platforms.
  • The algorithms, etiquette and quickest paths to success.
  • Comparison between LinkedIn and face to face networking.


  • Overview of what makes a great profile.
  • What it takes to build your online brand for maximum impact and search results.
  • Getting identified as the “go to” credible, trusted and expert person you are.


  • Who to connect to and how to do it professionally.
  • The types of people that make great connections and why you might want to remove the rest!
  • How to comfortably drive introductions and referrals from your existing network.


  • How to get LinkedIn to send you hundreds of referral and client opportunities.
  • What to do to make LinkedIn work for you in under an hour a week.
  • How to achieve your outcomes in sales, procurement, reputation and more.
  • Create your own action plan to take away and empower your LinkedIn.


  • What to say, share or talk about on LinkedIn.
  • What types of messages the algorithms like.
  • How to engage your network with comments and likes.


James is an excellent LinkedIn trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. I thought I knew everything about what LinkedIn had to offer, but James taught me so many new tools and tactics, as well as completely repositioning the way I thought about LinkedIn. I’d highly recommend signing up for his courses.

I’ve used James to train several teams on using LinkedIn effectively. What’s fascinating is to see even the most sceptical people transformed by a day spent with James! James came highly recommended to me and I’m not disappointed – his expert knowledge has significantly improved the knowledge and confidence of my teams to use LinkedIn to improve their business performance. He delivers his training with warmth and humour.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or use LinkedIn frequently, James’ knowledge and engaging presentations will make you see LinkedIn in a whole new way! James’ LinkedIn Accelerator Course is such a concise, interactive, powerful, and enriching learning experience and has given me new skills I can implement straight away. I would recommend to anyone thinking about increasing their LinkedIn knowledge to grab a coffee with James and see for yourself!

James is a true master of his craft. I thought I was a LinkedIn pro when I first met James, however within 10 minutes of speaking to him I learnt about half a dozen things I didn’t know, which completely levelled me, he pointed out a major hole in my LinkedIn strategy. Within one week of my time with James my LinkedIn engagement has literally gone through the roof, the spike on my LinkedIn activity graph was unreal!

James has delivered his excellent course to help our sales teams at Maxxia and Capex to develop greater understanding of how to make use of LinkedIn to better connect with customers and network in the online world. The content was comprehensive and a full day but James was able to make it fun and entertaining, and relevant for all attendees regardless of experience. James clearly has an extensive knowledge of the workings of the LinkedIn platform and, more importantly, strong commercial acumen and an appreciation of the psychology of business interactions. In other words, the why as well as the how. The day spent with James was a valuable use of time and I look forward to putting his advice to good use.

James offers a superb blend of practical training, flavoured with a tint of humour that engages and creates a truly positive learning experience. He is great at turning your thinking on its head and demonstrating how powerful LinkedIn can be in promoting your personal brand. A truly exhilarating experience, and I recommend attending one of his courses. Powerful and brilliant social media magic delivered by the Wizard of LinkedIn! Thank you James.

It’s been a few weeks since I completed an incredibly engaging session with James. The LinkedIn Accelerator Course was delivered in house for me and a group of sales colleagues. I’m a fan of LinkedIn anyway but had no idea how much could be achieved using the regular platform without paying for Premium! A few of our team were sceptical and were not big LinkedIn users – they’ve all been converted. Four weeks later my LinkedIn activity has resulted in six face to face high quality meetings and phone calls.

James has an amazing ability to challenge your thinking quickly with LinkedIn and then makes it simple to make the changes and fundamentally change your behaviour. I have always felt I was maximising much from LinkedIn until I attended with some of my brokers the LinkedIn Accelerator course, oh how wrong I was, and it will change how you use it and behave completely. Amazing presenter and completely engaging throughout but knowledgeable. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to anyone. We will be using him far more moving forward both internally and externally.

I cannot recommend James’s LinkedIn training enough. If I’m being completely honest I wasn’t convinced it would be a subject worth spending a day on, I figured I already knew all I needed to know. I couldn’t have been more wrong. One day was not enough, and the fantastic knowledge he shared has opened my eyes to a truly game changing way of working with LinkedIn. As if that wasn’t enough the entire thing was delivered clearly, effectively, and with a gentle sense of humour throughout. He managed to take the entire group through everything and still give enough time to each of us individually to make a real difference. Great training. Fantastic Coach. Worth every penny and more.

This course will teach you about Social selling so that you look as good as you are on LinkedIn, generate more leads, referrals and sales as well as network better and comfortably use LinkedIn to drive you forward.

We limit participants to 10 people per course to ensure everyone receives individual attention, and provide a set of course notes for you to refer to after the course. We also offer LinkedIn Accelerator as a tailored, in-house course for your company. If you’d like a discussion about an in-house course or webinar series please contact us.

A month after the course we will also send you a desk-based review of your profile and activities, highlighting some areas from the course that you might want to revisit or invest further time in to make your LinkedIn work for you.

Given the current situation, we are unable to run face to face courses and now only deliver these courses as a series of four 90 minute webinars over one day.

The next webinar dates are:

  • Tue 14th May 2024


    A series of 4 webinars in one day followed by a personalised coaching email

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  • Thu 18th Jul 2024


    A series of 4 webinars in one day followed by a personalised coaching email

    £399.00 Buy Now