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LinkedIn Social Selling Programme

When we deploy training most teams are truly engaged for the first few weeks, changing behaviours and starting to change their approach, but then they can become distracted and can get immersed back into the “day job” and not embed the actions and behaviours to make Social selling on LinkedIn work for the business at bottom line.

To ensure they keep on track and continue to repeat good behaviours which will enable them to achieve the results they should we recommend our annual programme for up to 10 people.


Embedding LinkedIn as part of the standard business operations.

Consistent approach to profiles and use across the team and business.

Creating a culture of social selling across your team with regular reinforcement and best practice development.

Taking the profiles of staff above average, including rich media and advanced functionality.

Using LinkedIn to softly approach clients, stalk competitors and fully exploit the LinkedIn ecosystem.

Providing each member of staff with hundreds of referrals to potential clients each month.

Low impact performance management and team comparison to drive adoption and results.

Receive a series of automatic follow up email reminders from us for core activities.


Our annual programme typically consists of:


Session one – a full day’s training course as per our LinkedIn Accelerator training course.


Session two – A one hour reminder session, via webinar, approximately one month after session one

  • Reminding course attendees of best practice from the course
  • Reviewing status updates and use across the team.
  • Reviewing profiles for progression
  • Updates on changes to functionality
  • Open question session
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Session three – a one hour face to face session on optimising communications, search and referral generation, approximately two months after session two

  • Making the most of the communication channels within LinkedIn
  • Optimising search use to get less but better results
  • Successfully moving from LinkedIn to client
  • How to engage and leverage the company profile
  • Updates on changes to functionality
  • First progress award winner
  • Open question session

Session four – a one hour session, via webinar, to cover enhancing profiles and usage, approximately two months after session three

  • Enhancing profiles with rich media
  • Competitor assassination within LinkedIn
  • How to research and review what clients, prospects and competitors have said
  • Reviewing status updates and use across the team.
  • Updates on changes to functionality
  • Open question session

Session five – a one hour face to face session covering advanced techniques, approximately two months after session four

  • How to engage successfully within LinkedIn groups
  • Leveraging free messages within groups
  • Updates on changes to functionality
  • Second progress award winner
  • Open question session


High energy, high impact. If you want to quickly debunk any myths about LinkedIn and learn how to really use this business tool to benefit you personally or your company. James is your man!

Definitely very useful, reinforces the awareness of how global the working world is now.

Next to breathing, if you are in sales, you really ought to have this capability.

In-depth tour of LinkedIn, gave me a much greater understanding of LinkedIn.

Excellent hands-on training that is totally relevant and equips you with loads of things to do and things to think about. It makes a difference!

Entirely relevant to the online social network phenomena. If you’re not on Facebook, and you have a pulse, you must be on LinkedIn, and this is the course to learn about.

This phased approach over one year will give your team not just a great days training, but will embed the important learning, ensuring changes in behaviour, providing a regular update on changes within the LinkedIn ecosystem and continually enhance the team’s activities as part of our reviews.

Where your teams have access to upgrades accounts we will include the functionality relevant to them within sessions with a primary focus on business generation.

To track progress of your team we need to get a single statistic from LinkedIn for each member of the programme which we cannot do remotely from within LinkedIn ourselves. Ideally, we can add this into your existing internal KPI reporting mechanism or we can collect this independently through a questionnaire pre-session.

We firmly believe in using all levers that we can to drive repeating good behaviour and hence we always take a positive and enabling approach. Underlying this is a drive to up the performance across the team, using good examples from within the business, celebrating the most success with incentives like beer / wine / champagne at our cost twice in the programme per annum.

Going forwards we would tailor the programme for year two to suit your audience group, progression and build on the successes of the previous year’s programme. We would normally suggest we discuss the following support at the end of session four so that we can keep up the momentum with your team(s).

Contact us for an informal discussion.