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Your marketing budget is precious

Nigel Davies from SME Needs  (I have known him for years) offers great pragmatic advice and is my guest blogger this week.   He is expert at helping small and medium size firms to market themselves and get great results.

Your marketing budget is precious and you need to ensure it provides a great return on investment for you.  When was the last time you reviewed the performance of each route to market? 

You will be using a number of different routes to market with, potentially, multiple campaigns running.  Some of them will produce great results and you will be really busy dealing with the sales enquiries and the resulting work so will you have time to monitor the performance of your other marketing activities? 

If some of your marketing is not delivering a good ROI, why keep it going?  The money, or time, you use on this campaign can be used for two alternatives:

Improving your bottom line. Money not spent goes straight back into your profit.

Generating more money. Why not spend it on increasing the marketing activity that is generating new business .

If you haven’t recently reviewed the performance of each marketing campaign, you could have been wasting money for quite some time.  Don’t delay any longer.