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Why you should post on LinkedIn, and what the point of posting is and isn’t!

How do I know what people might enjoy?
How do I make it go viral?
How do I come across well?
As a thought leader / smart etc?
I don’t want to say the wrong thing.

These are some of the worries we hear a lot from people about what is stopping them from posting on LinkedIn, so let’s take a step back and think about what the point of a post on LinkedIn is.

People forget who you are and what you do – no they do! Think about it – could you tell me what all your connections do, who they find interesting, what great work they’ve done? Some of them sure, the ones you talk to, but all of them, I suspect not. It isn’t just your fault, you might have just lost touch with them and not spoken to them in a while.

If you bumped into them at an event for example you would recall what they do, who they help and the value of it within seconds of having a quick chat, but we all struggle to make time to keep in touch with the nice people we know or reach out to those we’ve lost touch with.

So a post can remind your contacts about who you are, what you do, the types of people you work with etc. It should not be:

  • An advert / sales pitch – We’ve all met people like that at events, briefly, before backing away rapidly.
  • A call to action – Think about it, have you ever read an update and gone yes I want to buy that? OK you might get lucky once, but the other thousand times?
  • Demonstrable thought leadership – Think about it – How much thought leadership do you see on LinkedIn versus how much do you actually (really) read and then on the back of it think yes I want them and get in touch?

In our experience and limited research people overthink it or have been given some less than stellar guidance (like / repost all the company posts for example!), and then it becomes hard to use their own voice within LinkedIn.

I want you to reframe a post on LinkedIn – it is just a quick chat, a reminder that you exist, and that’s it – just like bumping into someone you know at an event, and they say “hi, nice to see you what’ve you been up to?” Easy as that.

It performs two functions, not just reminding everyone your connected to that you’re a) alive and b) do “stuff”, but also when someone looks at you on LinkedIn you look communicative, warm, engaging and … human.

There are some things you can do to make posting easier for yourself:

  • One of the common concerns we hear is that childhood fear – talking to strangers – and we get it. There is a really easy fix to this one, go through your connections and remove all the ones you don’t know. Then you are only talking to nice people and friends – makes it so much easier.
  • Think conversationally – when you post you are simply talking to people, forget social media, forget hashtags / timing / algorithm and simply talk to people – you never worry about this “stuff” in real life when you bump into someone and talk to them.
  • Reframe it to a real life conversation – As above, imagine you bump into someone you know, and they ask you “What have you been up to?”, “What are you working on right now?”, “What’s made you smile at work / college this week?” and so many more – all good for a LinkedIn post.

We could easily wrap this up with some prescribed ideas, a little model, process, or diagram but in truth all you have to do is to keep it human.

After all LinkedIn is just a big room full of humans and you’re talking to the people you’re connected to first when you post.

14 March 2023