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What to do when a LinkedIn user is deceased, dead or passed away.

As we all get older every single day there will be a point where we move on and pass away – not a cheery thought for a blog but bear with me …

Many times we are asked how to deal with deceased users, not necessarily by just the family, but also those around them too as the constant reminders of connection requests, anniversaries and more can be painful for those left behind.

LinkedIn has a formal process for this and I have put the steps in this blog for you.

It is quite lengthy as they want to ensure that only the correct person can have a profile removed. This was designed to prevent people maliciously removing profiles of people (sadly this happened at the outset).

You need to gather:

  • The member’s name
  • The URL to their LinkedIn profile (if you struggle to find this read this blog)
  • Your relationship to them
  • The person’s email address
  • Date they passed away
  • Link to obituary, if possible
  • Company they most recently worked at

To start this process, you need to be able to answer the questions above about the person who has passed away using this form.

After you fill out this form and submit it, it will be automatically sent to LinkedIn themselves for review and they’ll be in touch.

There are many occasions where I wish I had access to LinkedIn directly, sadly I don’t, otherwise I would help you with this.

Sorry to hear of your loss if this applies to someone you know.