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What should I post on LinkedIn? Part two

One of the most common questions we get on our educational programmes and courses is peoples’ fear about what to post, and how people might respond or think about what they post.

On the flip side, they don’t think about what people will think about them if they don’t post! Posting is important on LinkedIn and is also really obvious when someone looks at your profile!

In real life you talk to people, share anecdotes and stories so let’s try and bring some of that into LinkedIn. Here’s another ten ideas (see our previous blog for another ten) to get you talking and posting more:

  1. We’ve all read some fabulous books to develop our thinking, our business and more so you could post about your favourite book, what you learnt from it, perhaps what tip you just read and wanted to share, and more.
  2. Share a photo of your workspace, workplace, where you are working today, and explain why it is special, why it works for you, why it is set up as it is, and more.
  3. Discuss the benefits of remote working and share your experiences or a story of when it has made a big difference in your work or life.
  4. Share a personal story about a time when you overcame a challenge with the context of the challenge as it might help someone else to do the same.
  5. Ask your connections about their favourite leadership experience or anecdote or share one of your own from an impressive current or previous leader you have had.
  6. Share your perspective and thoughts on work-life balance, or perhaps the damage of a work-work balance!
  7. Post a personal perspective or question about the biggest challenges facing your profession or industry and ask your network about their views or perspectives.
  8. Share a story about a mentor, coach, colleague, teacher, or book that has influenced your thinking and career.
  9. Discuss your perspective or approach to networking and building relationships, and you can use a positive or negative experience (if negative reframe it in a positive way!) to help others.
  10. We all love a good TED Talk, and you could share your favourite TED Talk and why it resonated with you and what you took away from it.

So with this list of ten more things, and our previous list of ten things you could talk about, that is a whole month of posting if you posted every work day! How cool huh?

But don’t forget to never post more than once in a day or LinkedIn’s algorithm won’t love you 😉, and that includes sharing other peoples or business page posts too!

11 July 2023