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What should I post on LinkedIn? Part three

In our third blog in our series of ideas on what you could post about on LinkedIn, here are another ten suggestions to hopefully inspire you towards posting on LinkedIn regularly:

1. Talk about a misconception in your area or industry. Explain the reality of that in your perspective and voice.
2. Struggling to know what to say? Go ask your colleagues in the office their view on some aspect of your role / industry or the best way to X and then collate and synthesise these into your own post.
3. Coming up to a milestone event? 10 years in a job, or a big birthday, then you could share a throwback event to 10, 20, 30 years before. Make the focus on the post all retro and misty, crack out the old photo and compare then and now or share something important that you learnt.
4. Give a shout out to someone who’s been helpful, starting a new adventure with work or a new focus to give them a boost and head start.
5. Start a poll – Looking for some perspective or insight from your network then a poll might be the answer. Make sure it includes some good choices and always a “Add another option in the comments below” as there will be more choices and suggestions than LinkedIn allows.
6. Post about the results of your poll (see above) the surprises, the good, the shock and your perspective on it.
7. Record a little video blog, we’ve all got a smartphone and you can easily sit it on your laptop or desk, point it to your face and just talk to the camera. Be natural and you will come across well, and the odd stumbled word doesn’t make it imperfect but makes you look more human.
8. Case studies can be a tricky one to post about. Nobody wants to slog through 4 sides of A4 looking for the valuable “bits” so imagine you were talking to someone you knew about the case study, what worked well, what didn’t and the results from it. Maybe even what you would do differently or make that another post 😉
9. If you have some artistic skills, or know someone that does, then you can make multi page posts using PDF’s for LinkedIn. They act like a little slide show but leave the hyperlinks out, keep the text and graphics big as they will be seen on the small and big screens. Also note that these are public so keep the content public facing, no secrets!
10. If you have a newsletter on LinkedIn or elsewhere you might want to tell people about it on a post. What is in it? How often? How do they sign up.

Don’t forget to include up to 5 hashtags in your posts, and ideally include them in amongst the body of the text, rather than have them listed at the end.

Watch out for our next ten ideas which we will blog about later in the year.

5 September 2023