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What should I post on LinkedIn? Part one

One of the most common questions we get on our educational programmes and courses is about what to post, how often and people’s curious and wide-ranging fears around it.

We are often asked “What type of content should I share on LinkedIn?” and this makes us smile. Imagine if you bumped into somebody you know face to face, would you share a whitepaper or some thought leadership? Hmm probably not, that would be weird wouldn’t it!

Now back to LinkedIn, the best posts on there are when you just talk to people, like you would in real life.

Rather than talk about the nerdy details of algorithms, we’re going to focus on getting you talking to people as, if you talk to people on posts on LinkedIn, the algorithms (and more!) will love it.

When I run a training session, I will ask the attendees what they’ve been up to that day, and they respond instantly and don’t overthink it, it’s just a normal, natural conversation. In many ways this is the key when posting on LinkedIn – don’t self-sabotage and don’t overthink it!

We’ve got a series of blogs coming around ideas of what to post on LinkedIn and here are the first ten suggestions:

  1. What is on your clients’ minds? What came up from that last meeting or conversation with your potential / current client / colleague / partner in the last meeting you had with them? Talk about that. the type of client or industry, and your view on the challenge or how you might help overcome it (but do not name the client!).
  2. Charitable actions can make a good post, but not virtue signalling. When you are doing something for the right reasons, for example, to make a real difference and it’s something you would talk about in real life, that would make a good post on LinkedIn..
  3. Training for an event or a charity event is often a learning experience, and you can post about what you’ve learnt, thought about during the training, the upcoming event, nerves and / or results.
  4. If you’ve been inspired by someone, a book, or a thought – then share that through a post on LinkedIn as it might inspire other people as well.
  5. Answer the questions within a post that you are most often asked. If people are asking you a lot of the same question, then answering it publicly helps a lot of people (bit like this blog really 😉).
  6. Talk about your perspective on an industry topic. What is your view on it and why? Illustrate your thinking, insight and perspective or view that you have on it.
  7. Be a futurist – If you have some vision for what might be, think about making that a post on LinkedIn. What do you imagine will be happening in X years for example that others might find interesting? Now if you’re sat there thinking what happens if I am wrong – have you ever checked what any futurist said previously? They are quite often wrong too, but if you say nothing you are demonstrating a lack of strategic or future vision.
  8. People love a list – be that interesting people, top performers, tips and more so a list can make a great post on LinkedIn if you’re struggling to think of something to talk about.
  9. Some people are visual and, if you have the skills, create an image to explain what you are talking about, an infographic, picture and more helps to empower visual thinkers.
  10. If you really struggle to think of anything, how about sharing someone else’s post that you have seen that you value, and add you own thoughts around why you have shared it or what you took or learnt from it.

So, there is a nice list of ten things you could talk about, so now the hard bit, doing it!  Whilst the first post takes ages, the second one less so, and third even less and so on. The more you post the easier it becomes, but the important thing is to be consistent on LinkedIn rather than go mad short term and then disappear.

Start by posting once a week, every week, and as you get comfortable then do more. Go crazy, try twice a week, as more people might see it, and then when you’re comfortable doing two then do three and so on, but never post more than once in a day or LinkedIn’s algorithm won’t love you 😉

7 June 2023