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What does success look like on LinkedIn? Part two.

In our previous blog we shared five things to consider when moving towards more success on LinkedIn, but there are so many we had to do a part two – so here’s another five things to look at to make your LinkedIn more successful.

  1. Inbound invites – With increased visibility you will find there is an increase in inbound invites as you get found more .* Whilst not all connection invites are good or appropriate, in fact some are downright dangerous to accept, there are always more when you’re active and it makes the conversations much easier when people approach you.
  1. Quality – There are two distinct and divergent approaches to LinkedIn – The quality network (ideal for driving referrals, sales, keeping risk low and more), or more followers (if you’re taking a more audience lead, high risk, high maintenance approach), and hence this makes a good measure of success. It is not about the number, but about the quality of them and the interaction.
  1. Leverage your network to meet nice people – If you’ve taken a network led approach to LinkedIn you can use (free!) LinkedIn to easily reach new potential clients, resources (such as partners, routes to market, experts and more) so you get more sales, staff, resources you need and all within easy reach through your existing and known network.
  1. Commenting – Comments are so much better for you and your visibility as well as the person you comment on (as more people will look at that rather than just a lazy like). Comments give you an opportunity to remind someone that you exist, add something valuable or useful to that interaction or perhaps add some additional experience or perspective.
  1. Being interactive – Demonstrates your humanity, your friendliness, your personality, and validates you when someone views your profile (see number 5 in our previous blog) which is really important when someone viewing your profile is checking you out as a supplier, customer, manager, boss, or employer!

LinkedIn is used for so many things that people often don’t appreciate, and hence it is important that it is a good reflection of you, a digital twin in the biggest business social network – LinkedIn.

If you’re struggling to make it work for you or your team just get in touch.

*You can find out more about this on our previous blog by having a good profile (see point 1), by taking our profile test, by posting more (see point 4), and having the evidence in place (points 1 and 2).

20 April 2023