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Who’s the best employer in the UK according to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn recently released an interesting bit of research detailing the top ranked companies in the UK where people want to work and we thought we would share their findings with you.

The LinkedIn press release said “Top Companies list is based on the billions of actions taken by LinkedIn’s 500+ million members. Our data team, working with our global editorial team, analysed those actions to come up with a blended score ranking the winners in each country.”

Their methodology to uncover the companies LinkedIn members were most interested in took into account job applications, engagement and retention of staff.

The analysis was undertaken over a 12-month period which ended in February 2017 and was based on companies with over 500 employees (excluding LinkedIn and Microsoft naturally!).

Their results made interesting reading as the companies in their top 25 list spanned 12 industries including retail, technology, banking, media and more.

So, drum roll please…. the top 25 Companies in the UK in 2017 in order are:

So there you have it, the top 25 companies to work for in the UK according to LinkedIn.  So if you’re looking to make a move into a large organisation this gives you a great starting point, but it is worth noting that you can learn a lot about companies from reading their company pages, company updates and staff profiles on LinkedIn.

Source of statistics: LinkedIn.com