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Top 10 least communicative industries on LinkedIn

Following on from our recent blog looking at the top 10 industries globally and in the UK by the percentage of users on LinkedIn in that industry, we thought we would look at the least communicative industries on LinkedIn based on the percentage of users posting in LinkedIn.

Talking to people is what makes LinkedIn work, both in terms of getting the word of mouth moving but also in communicating your style, personality and value. Sharing an update post is an ideal way to move this forward if you haven’t done so before and you can find a brief set of instructions here.

Starting with the top 10 globally:

Then moving onto the top 10 in the UK:

I think the biggest surprise must be that marketing and advertising in the UK is the least communicative! Not what you would expect to see given that they are always telling the team to engage with social “stuff” eh? But the challenge is they get so agonised about saying the right thing, using the right words and being “on message” that they get themselves tied in knots and say nothing.

One of the first things I will look at when an organisation is not getting the sales, reputation and value from LinkedIn is the communications; if and how they communicate the value of what they do, how much content, how much conversation and how they are helping their audience to validate them as good people.

LinkedIn is a platform populated by business humans and this fundamental fact is usually overlooked in the approach’s organisations take before they meet someone like me.

Wishing you a fabulous Christmas and a successful (and I hope communicative!) 2020.

20 December 2019