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Top 10 industries on LinkedIn in the UK, 2022

Following on from our blog about the industries across LinkedIn globally, we have now looked at the industries in the UK only and thought we’d share the current top ten.

Since we last did a review in November 2020 the only changes in the top ten are that Hospitals & Healthcare have moved from 2nd place to 1st, knocking construction off the top. Hospitals & Healthcare saw a 100,000 increase in the number of users on LinkedIn.

All other industries in the top 10 have remained in the same place, but it is interesting to note that two of the smallest to increase in the number of users is retail and government administration – perhaps a reflection of the times!

The largest growth was also a good reflection of the times with packaging and freight delivery expanding its user base over 37% on LinkedIn through 2021 to now.

There was also a new industry introduced to LinkedIn, mobile gaming, as this has become more prevalent through LinkedIn over the last year as well.

Given how much time we seem to spend staring at our phones it doesn’t surprise us!

2 March 2022