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Top 10 industries on LinkedIn 2019

As it’s been over a year since we last looked at the top 10 industries on LinkedIn globally and in the UK, we thought it was time to review the statistics and see what’s changed, if anything.

Looking at the top 10 industries globally on LinkedIn, interestingly the top 6 industries haven’t changed in order, although the number of users has increased.

In 7th and 8th places Computer Software and Accounting have swapped places, and at number 9 we see a new entry in the top 10 – the Automotive industry which replaces Government Administration. Marketing and Advertising drops from 9th place to 10th.

Looking at the UK, the industries in the top 10 remain the same bar one – Higher Education replaces Marketing and Advertising.

The number of users has increased, Construction has jumped from 2nd place to 1st and Retail has jumped from 4th to 2nd which is interesting given the current political climate – it’s good to see that the UK continues to grow despite everything that’s been going on.

Information and Technology has dropped from 1st place to 4th 

It’s interesting to see that, whilst the perception is still there in some cases that LinkedIn is all about recruitment, Staffing and Recruitment only comes in in 62nd place globally (up 6 from last time around) and 26th place in the UK (down one place from last time). That’s another LinkedIn myth busted then!

It just goes to show that there is a lot more to LinkedIn than some people might expect.

9 December 2019

Statistics as at the 28 November 2019 using Advanced Search on Sales Navigator.