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Top 10 industries on LinkedIn right now

At the beginning of 2018 the number of people globally on LinkedIn sits at over 535,000,000, and we expect to see this figure increase as the year progresses as more and more people join LinkedIn every day as LinkedIn is THE business networking site to be on.

We like to keep an eye on how LinkedIn is evolving and we’re looking forward to sharing the top 10 industries on LinkedIn (as at the end of 2017) out of the 147 categories listed within LinkedIn.

If we had a £1 for every time someone said to us that LinkedIn was a job site, was full of recruiters or some such we would be rich! But the reality is this hasn’t been the case for years – just some haven’t yet realised!

Starting with the industry categories globally you can see that in number one place is Information Technology and Services which doesn’t really come as any surprise and neither does the next 9 categories.

However, the interesting one when you look at the Top 10 UK industry categories is construction coming in at number 2 and hospitals coming in at number 3.

Many people have been surprised at just who is on LinkedIn when they take the time to look, and even more surprised when they hear about some of the results that our clients are getting!

LinkedIn is so much more than you appreciate and if you’re thinking about looking at it again just give us a shout here.

11 January 2018