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Top 10 Industries globally on LinkedIn in 2023

We’re always researching and analysing trends and behaviours across LinkedIn and annually we review the industries globally and thought we’d share the current top ten.

Since last time we did the research LinkedIn has undertaken a radical overhaul of its industry categories going from 148 to 439! But within that they have also created some new aggregated categories, for example Professional services, and split others into much more niche sectors so it presents very differently in one lens, but surprisingly consistent at a broad industry level.

It’s interesting to compare this to the previous results from 2022 as although the industry labels are a little different there is a surprising amount of consistency too.

The top ten in 2022 were:

As you can see IT is still well represented, as is the financial and professional services worlds as part of the aggregated new categories but have no fear there will be another blog along soon all about the new industry categories so watch this space or sign up for the mailing list.

Often the biggest surprise to people is that staffing and recruiting are not in the top ten. In reality they are the 133rd largest industry on LinkedIn, but they are one of the loudest shoutiest audiences, so we understand why people assume that is the case!

2 February 2023