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Time to check if you are you open to hackers on LinkedIn?

Most people don’t realise that when they log into LinkedIn the session stays open. No worries you might think, but what about those times when you quickly log in to send a message on a public PC or on a client or suppliers site?

Have you left your account open to someone else whilst you were there?

LinkedIn has security functions to help keep you safe and one of those is to see all those sessions that are still open. Now before you hit the link I should warn you that it can be quite scary if you haven’t done this before … https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/sessions

This shows you all the open sessions and you can close each one with your password or all at once, shutting down any easy to access loopholes you may have inadvertently left open.

It is easy to avoid this in the future simply by signing out (if on the laptop / desktop top right under your photograph)  and if you can removing or cleaning the internet history too!

In the instances we have heard of, and there aren’t many, most accounts are hacked either through this or via a phishing attack where someone appearing to be LinkedIn has asked for your login and they’ve responded.

Worth noting LinkedIn would never ask for your login details and this blog we wrote years ago might be timely for spotting fake LinkedIn messages.

27 November 2019