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The top ten colours on LinkedIn might surprise you

When I am booked to do a keynote talk there is often a theme to the event and recently I got thrown a curve ball as it was the colour purple!

Whilst it made me scratch my head for a few minutes I found a way to bring it into the talk and ran some interesting searches on LinkedIn to see what the top 10 colours mentioned within LinkedIn profiles globally and the results were:Now, whilst on the surface this might seem a pointless exercise, it is an example of how you can use the search function on LinkedIn to find out all sorts of things that can help you with your business, market segmentation / sizing or finding fabulous people to help you (as experts, clients, suppliers, staff or more), but also in how the results may not always be as you would have assumed – I certainly got a few surprises and the client was delighted purple came in ninth!

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14 September 2021