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Gavin Smith

I was invited by Hiscox to participate in the LinkedIn Accelerator Course delivered by James Potter. In the lead up to the course, I was somewhat sceptical as I already had a large network on LinkedIn and was bringing in new business from the platform. I felt that I already knew what I was doing and what else could I learn – How wrong was I! After a day with James, I completely re-evaluated my outlook on LinkedIn. He changed my mind on how I would use the platform moving forward to maximise its potential and pointed out simple tips that could easily be overlooked. In addition to this he also showed us handy tools that can be used within LinkedIn that I wasn’t even aware of. Since the course I have re-written my profile and changed the way I use the platform. I instantly saw an increase in both my profile and post views and more engagement from my connections. I’d highly recommend a chat with James if you want to further your knowledge of LinkedIn and generate more sales through the platform. You won’t be disappointed!