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The robots are coming! LinkedIn brings AI into posts.

On July 24, 2023 By James Potter - The Linked In Man

One of the most common questions and fears that people have on LinkedIn is posting – what should I post, how often, when, will anyone read it, or care? To make it easier LinkedIn has decided to release an AI to help you post. When you hit post you will see a little draft with […]


What does success look like on LinkedIn?

On January 23, 2023 By James Potter - The Linked In Man

Too many people “do” LinkedIn without pausing to reflect on why they’re doing it and what they want to get out of it, which might impact the approach they are taking to LinkedIn in the first place! Hence, they often become unsure of what a good LinkedIn result or outcome might be, hence this first […]


LinkedIn video is now available, but do you really want it?

On January 25, 2018 By James Potter - The Linked In Man

LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn Video on their mobile app back in August 2017 with the idea that their members would “share their experience and perspective”, and “share ideas, learn from others and jump start new conversations.” Now hang on a minute, isn’t LinkedIn a business networking site rather than a social networking service such as Twitter […]