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Social Media Experts

I must confess I get really frustrated when someone calls me a social media expert, I am not. I don’t think you can be!

The platforms all change so fast, evolving as our needs evolve and that is not just the big ones – it’s all of them – all 206 right now (according to Wikipedia).

LinkedIn© changes every few days, I’m told Facebook does too, Twitter evolves and the way they can all be applied changes constantly.

There is not a guide to what changes, you have to learn, to monitor your platforms to make them all deliver at their optimum. Why do I just talk about and teach LinkedIn? Because it is the business to business (B2B) social media platform and it is a challenge enough to keep on top of that single platform.

How many experts do you see that do all social media .. plus internet marketing .. life coaching .. PPC and SEO and more .. How????

Can you be an in depth “social media expert”? I don’t believe you can, but if you’re not sure just ask some of the people that had been trained by a “social media expert” before they came on one of my courses and learnt a “little” more about how to turn LinkedIn© into success.

I am happy being just a LinkedIn© expert.