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Smiling with a full set of sparkling white teeth

You know the type, stood at the front, dapper suit or designer dress telling you about how good it will be, how marvellous the future looks and dazzling you with a bright white 10,000 watt smile.

Lot’s of talk about vision, high level concepts and how rich you will be if you only …. You can fill in the blank here for anything from social media, life coach, sustainability, ppc/seo and the list goes on – often it includes them all for just ££$$ if you buy today or much more ££$$ if you buy tomorrow.

Don’t get dazzled by the dapper dress and the bright white teeth, check out the details, check out their credibility (see this link to our previous blog about credibility here before you part with your hard earned cash to give them a brighter whiter smile …