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Should you link Twitter to LinkedIn©?

I was recently asked this question during a Question and Answer session with The Guardian which you can see here. (http://careers.guardian.co.uk/social-media-job-search)

Whilst you can integrate your Twitter activity into your LinkedIn© profile either by publishing Tweets into your LinkedIn© stream automatically by associating both accounts or using the Tweets application to show them on your profile, you might not want to for a few reasons:-

  • I cannot comment and hence tell everyone I know about your post, as LinkedIn© won’t let me comment on a Tweet, merely retweet it, if indeed I am or any other of your connections are on Twitter (I am by the way @thelinkedinman)
  • I cannot share your Tweet with my connections or groups, as this functionality is limited on Twitter entries on LinkedIn© to keep it within Twitter
  • I cannot ‘like’ your Tweet from within LinkedIn© and hence I cannot tell my connections that you are a great person or are sharing great content.
  • If you store up your Tweets by doing them off line, on a aggregator like Hootsuite, TweetDeck or others and then “fire” them all out, LinkedIn© thinks your spamming, so show’s just the first one and then hides all the others underneath unless the user hits more. You miss out on a whole heap of other LinkedIn goodies too if you do this. More another time …
  • According to the experts I sometimes talk with Twitter needs multiple messages per day to get your message out there and to make it work for you. Whereas most LinkedIn© users will be frustrated to receive multiple or bombarded with posts and will either not read, hide or worse still disconnect you. One LinkedIn© poll put out had 96% objecting to the stream and another under 30% in the positive view (eek).

So perhaps it is time to review how you interact in Twitter and LinkedIn© and give them each the time they need to get results.

By breaking your association between Twitter and LinkedIn© you remove the conundrums. Just use the share an update on LinkedIn© and you eradicate all of these issues.

I would suggest you show your Twitter handle on your LinkedIn© profile, that way the linkage is obvious but you are getting the best from both platforms.

If you want to change you can manage your Twitter settings from your LinkedIn© account settings. To find these go to the top right corner and then click on your name – they are hidden underneath.

What are your views and experiences with Twitter / LinkedIn© integration? Linked up to success or Tweeted to distraction?