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On March 5, 2019 By James Potter - The Linked In Man

Increasingly large organisations embrace blended learning solutions, taking the best of online tools and face to face training sessions to embed learning efficiently, consistently and drive successful changes to behavior that gets results. Blended learning offers timesavings for employers and employees so they can develop new capabilities on LinkedIn, networking or both at the time [...] Read More

Sales Navigator

On November 18, 2015 By James Potter - The Linked In Man

Have you bought the Sales Navigator upgrade, but not got the value you were expecting? This course is for you. Ideal as a follow on to our most popular LinkedIn Accelerator course this one drills into the depth of functionality and explains how you can use this to drive more leads, opportunities, referrals and revenue. [...] Read More

LinkedIn Accelerator

On July 1, 2015 By James Potter - The Linked In Man

Referrals, introductions and networking have always been the best way to get new clients. However, generating such leads takes time and effort. How can you work most efficiently to unlock this pot of gold? LinkedIn is your answer. There are over 900 million users on LinkedIn, that’s more than half of the business people on [...] Read More

LinkedIn Company Profile

On June 30, 2015 By James Potter - The Linked In Man

This bespoke two hour session is focused on your LinkedIn Company profile and delivered face to face or via webinar. You will learn how to build and optimise your company’s online LinkedIn presence. We will show you how to configure certain elements according to who is viewing your company profile, and how to segment and personalise [...] Read More