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LinkedIn Accelerator

Referrals, introductions and networking have always been the best way to get new clients. However, generating such leads takes time and effort.

How can you work most efficiently to unlock this pot of gold? LinkedIn is your answer.

There are over 550 million users on LinkedIn, that’s more than half of the business people on the planet, making it by far the world’s largest business-to-business social network. Not only can you identify the people you want to meet, but you can also find the people who can make valuable introductions.

Our LinkedIn Accelerator course helps you understand the key functions that make LinkedIn such a high-value tool set, and helps you learn how to use it to transform you, your business and your bottom line. 



Consistent approach to profiles, messaging and use across the business teams.

Providing staff with hundreds of potential easy to reach referrals to sales opportunities, partners, resources, press and more each month.

Demonstrating ‘why you’ can help on the biggest professional network.

Using the power of the staffs’ networks to drive the business, culture and messages at all levels more effectively.

Improving efficiency by using LinkedIn to validate and value ‘interesting’ people.

Enabling social selling as traditional sales approaches lose relevance, differentiation and impact.

Driving social engagement and ‘word of mouth’ to spread the word of the great work the business does.

Develop a successful approach to LinkedIn using minimal time.


Our training covers:



  • An overview of social media sites, roles and content to avoid confusion.
  • Best-practice approaches, etiquette and paths to success.
  • Comparison between LinkedIn and face-to-face networking.

Profile Raising

  • Overview of functionality.
  • How to construct your online personal brand for maximum impact.
  • Write a high-value, highly visible and 100% complete profile.

Optimising Your Account

  • Making the most of what LinkedIn offers.
  • How to view people’s profiles without them knowing.
  • When to upgrade and the right level of membership for you.

Building and Leveraging Your Connections

  • Who to connect with and how to do it professionally at all times.
  • Using your network to develop new relationships.
  • Remove connections you wish you hadn’t accepted.
  • How to find groups and what to do once you’ve joined.

Tactics that work

  • Use psychology to maintain and develop networks and success.
  • Learn highly effective strategies to communicate and engage.
  • Create a personal action plan.


James’s teaching style is such that I thought I was in a one on one class, rather than a Company event with 12 other people. For me, LinkedIn will never be the same again, as it has moved from being, a nice to have, to a fundamental work tool for any sales and marketing focussed organisation. Thanks a bunch James.

James’ LinkedIn Essentials course should be treated as a Driving Licence – you shouldn’t be allowed on LinkedIn without it.

James teaches good practice about operating your LinkedIn profile with wit, style and substance. Lots of good insight delivered at a good pace. Well worth a day of my time

An excellent session with James has transformed our use of LinkedIn. There is so much powerful stuff hidden “under the bonnet” that, without Jamess help, would go unexploited. I would highly recommend this course.

Thoroughly enjoyable workshop, informative and fun. Good value and as others have already said… a MUST to get the best out of LinkedIn.

This was an excellent training session, the approach James uses is one that suits all, it has already made a difference to me & my business role. I would have no hesitation in recommending James to friends, colleagues & business associates. Thank you James.

I have been very idle about using LinkedIn properly. This course was recommended to me and already after only 48 hours of attending the course I have been contacted by a whole host of people with whom I had lost touch and been offered a job! James provides you with the tools to exploit LinkedIn to its fullest extent without blowing one’s mind with useless additional bits of information. I thoroughly recommend spending half a day with James to get the most out of this networking tool.

We brought him in to the offices for a day and talk about a light bulb moment. Even the most sceptical of us were sat there jaw drooping. The way he delivers his content is engaging and entertaining. If you are looking to get the most out of LinkedIn then I can’t recommended James highly enough!

I went into the course with a view to thinking I knew how linkedIn worked and it would be a waste of time. I was wrong, and leant a lot.

I never realised how much you can do with LinkedIn even though I thought I was a heavy user. The course was a real eye-opener and, at the same time, was great fun.

This course will teach you about Social selling so that you look as good as you are on LinkedIn, generate more leads, referrals and sales as well as a better network and can comfortably use LinkedIn to drive your business forward.

We limit participants to 10 people per course to ensure everyone receives individual attention, and provide a set of course notes for you to refer to after the course. We also offer LinkedIn Accelerator as a tailored, in-house course for your company. If you’d like a discussion about an in-house course please contact us.

All courses start at 9am and finish at 5.30pm, and the next course dates are: