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Having successfully sold millions and directed business from a number of professional disciplines we know what it takes to get sales, to drive change and develop your business.

We share insightful advice, guidance and research to make your business the success it deserves to be by removing barriers and hurdles.

Consulting examples include:

Strategic review of your organisations use of LinkedIn and opportunities for efficiency or better results.

Advice on social selling using LinkedIn and identifying the areas for enhancement across your sales team.

Research and design of bespoke educational programmes.

Helping you to understand etiquette and the paths to success for your business by using LinkedIn and face to face networking.

Review of your existing policies and procedures.

Advice on commercial and reputational risk.

Reinforcing the skills, tools and capabilities you need to make the most of your relationships.

We give you the opportunity for growth in your networks, growth in opportunities, growth in sales and engagement.

If you would like to discuss this service further please get in touch so that we can arrange to speak.


James makes learning about LinkedIn and how it can work for you fun, entertaining and most importantly useful and as I am a technophobe that is no mean feat. In James hands LinkedIn becomes much more than a marketing tool for your company. He made me think about what company face I wanted to present to which market; made me think about how I worked; what I did; and most importantly how to communicate the essence of what I do best. I would thoroughly recommend it.

There is nothing better than having James focus on you, your LinkedIn profile and your business requirements over a relaxed cup of coffee. Certainly an hour well spent, bouncing ideas off each other, honing your on line LinkedIn presence, with most updates done instantly at the meeting – job done! I regard my yearly meeting with James very much like an annual MOT – I get the experts view, always leave with an improved profile and I’m updated about LinkedIn – very impressive!

Half an hour was all it took to help steer me in the right direction.  James provided me with so many tips and know how’s about LinkedIn that I would probably never have found out.  James not only made me think about my profile, but about the way I need to present myself as an Independent Consultant in the future.  This has been invaluable and I strongly recommend anybody who is interested in the value of networking, to contact James.  I’ve just got to put all his advice into action now!

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