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Searching groups gets easier

LinkedIn has been busy,and  now the stable period has subsided and it is all change again. Last week the “people you may know”  got an update and this week it is the group search.

Every day millions of professionals like you are engaging in the 1.25 million groups on LinkedIn covering such diverse topics from accountants (with 2,444 groups) to zoology (a mere 30 groups). Groups are a great platform to find opportunities, to start discussions and to share knowledge / expertise.

As the number of groups has grown it has become more and more difficult to filter through them, to find the good and the less good. Hence LinkedIn has decided to update the search tool. Thankfully, this was in need of a polish to make it look its best, in my opinion.

It now looks like this ….

IMAGE 1 - new group search blog

Group search helps you search across all the groups on LinkedIn and find the right group for you by either keyword or theme. But now instead of relying on the title and description of the group, LinkedIn also gives you a guide if the group is active and tries to match based on how well your search matches the conversations taking place in that group.

It also helps tell you who of your connection might be in the group, which makes it easier to find relevant groups or to only join groups where you trust others choices.

IMAGE 2 - new group search blog 

Additionally it has also added in the ability to filter down the results, by looking at the groups that your connections are in (at level 1, 2 or 3 and everyone else), by results in the groups that you are already part of as a member, in the groups you may like and also in open or members only (closed) groups.

If you are multilingual you can even chose what language! What next?