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Reordering your current job roles on LinkedIn

As work life evolves, we are all starting to have more than one job, developing a more portfolio-based work life.

The good news is LinkedIn let’s you have many roles of current work experience within your profile, but you do need to think about and order them in the way you want people to see them with primary focus first and so forth.

If you have more than one current job role and want to change the order they appear in the experience section of your LinkedIn profile just follow these instructions:

  • Click on the me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage:

  • Click on View Profile:

  • Move your cursor over the job role you would like to change the position off and you will see the Reorder icon (see below):

  • Click and hold the Reorder icon and drag it to the desired position in your list of current job roles.

This will enable you to have your current job roles in the order you want them to appear but you can’t change the order of your past job roles as when you finish a role LinkedIn will make them  appear in date order.

3 September 2019