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Removing (or Adding) LinkedIn Today to Your Home Page

One of the things I am often asked when people are setting up their accounts as part of the training we offer is how to get more of their networks update stream and hence more LinkedIn to see, to use and enjoy.

As not everyone reads their news feeds directly from LinkedIn Today you can remove the news items from your home page really easily.


  1. Move your cursor over the LinkedIn Today module (ideally from the side or below, if you come onto the module via the top you often inadvertently select the all updates filter)
  2. As you pause over the module a faint “Hide” appears in the top right corner of the LinkedIn Today module.
  3. You can then simply click Yes to remove it forever and enjoy more of your networks updates on your home page.

But if you later change your mind and want to add LinkedIn Today back to your home page:

  1. Click this link: Add LinkedIn Today to my homepage.
  2. Refresh or reload your current browser page for it to reappear.



3 thoughts on “Removing (or Adding) LinkedIn Today to Your Home Page

  1. Ian Rendall

    When I put my mouse pointer over the Linkedin today, Hide doesn’t appear. Any other suggestions.

    1. James Potter

      Sorry John, since the blog went live, LinkedIn has changed a couple of pieces, one of which is the ability to hide the news aspect “LinkedIn today” so unfortunately you have to see it now 🙁 shame.

      Best wishes,


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