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Phobias on LinkedIn – Athazagoraphobia

Athazagoraphobia is a genuine phobia and, while rarely reported, is quite a common phobia and seems to be rampant across social platforms.

Clinicians say that people that suffer with this phobia have a fear of being forgotten or ignored, and can have low self-esteem and self-confidence.

I am sure there are some people on LinkedIn who suffer with some degree of athazagoraphobia as they are constantly posting updates, sharing articles etc and generally bombarding their connections with stuff about them, saying “aren’t I great” and more so that they won’t be forgotten.

Unfortunately, this approach on LinkedIn tends to have the opposite effect in fact! It puts people off reading their ‘stuff’ (as they know what they’re going to say … again) and ignore it, hence ignoring them.

There is also a wider implication of doing public activities on LinkedIn too much.  Being seen to do something every ten minutes you might think is good, but what would you say if clients thought you spent all day on LinkedIn as opposed to looking after them? If they didn’t know you at all some might wonder if you had a job to focus on?

In our opinion you should be posting a status update a maximum of once a day and an article a lot less often (as they work quite differently). This should ensure that your connections are kept informed of you, your outcomes, focus and style without being intrusive.

You will find that they show an interest and read what you write (which you can see within update viewer statistics), therefore keeping you forefront in their minds or perhaps seen as a viewer of your profile. But you need to ensure you write like a human and not just the same old things (you might find this blog a good read .

Now whilst we’ve used this phobia to lightly highlight a trait and trend in LinkedIn, it can be a serious issue for those that are really affected by it and shouldn’t be taken lightly in that context. If this is you then you can find lots of useful help here.