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Networking is dead

What is this concept of “going” networking? People feel the need to go to a place, a venue, a location or a collection of fellow “badge wearers” to be able to communicate to others.

My amazement is people that “go networking” – this seems to indicate that at some stage they don’t! Obviously for the rest of the time they don’t talk to the people they meet, they don’t listen, care or talk to people only on “those days” or in that “space” or “time” when they “go networking”.

Hello? Listen to yourselves, you are meeting people all the time, in every aspect of life, on the train, in the hotel, on a visit to the zoo – you get the picture, the big picture, the world is full of great people that you could listen to, talk to and yes network with.

Don’t “save yourself” for those occasions when you take you bravery pill, put on your badge or rock up to an event early in a morning for a breakfast networking session – just listen, talk and learn about all the people you meet.

I know it is a terrible thought, to talk to people (gasp) and listen with an intent to hear (double gasp) not just listen to validate and who knows where it might get you. We all network all the time, or perhaps that should be we should all be networking all the time – networking isn’t an event it’s a mindset and way of life.

Networking is dead, long live talking to people we meet.Networking is dead


2 thoughts on “Networking is dead

  1. Duchess Victoria

    I was directed to this article by a Twitter link. My answer to the above is Yes and No. As the leader of a small charity, wanting to make it a larger charity, yes: everyone you meet is a candidate for expanding your business. You learn to talk to everyone & make use of opportunities to introduce yourself & your work. In the process you gain valuable contacts & new friends. But no: networking groups are formed for the express purpose of doing business with & getting to know like-minded people, most of whom are active in the community. These are optimum occasions to make time for, to supplement daily contacts. They are also the foundation of exciting new friendships. Why must anyone chose between two modes of action? We should definitely optimize our daily contacts, while making time & effort to seek out civic-minded groups, organizations & networks to join & contribute to. Be open & alive to ALL the opportunities life presents to you. Networking is as alive as the people who make them come alive.

    1. James Potter

      Completely agree Duchess, it is all about the mind set and opportunity, both exist all the time – if you look to use both. Thanks for the kind comment. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

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