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My take on give and take.

I’m constantly thinking about everyone I’m connected with on LinkedIn, my network and how I can help them – if anyone in my network can help another person in my network I’ll introdue them to each other on an e-mail.

Partly it’s because I’m a nice person and I like to do the right thing, to constantly add value. Partly it’s because it enables me to maintain the relationship with two people for free and remind both parties of my name and what I do.

And in truth there’s one more thing – let me explain. If I was to introduce a potential client to a good supplier I have saved the client taking references, hassle and they think I am a great guy. They recall what I do and they are grateful but in a small way feel guilty that I helped them and they gave nothing back. The same applies for the supplier – grateful for a client introduction with no cost of sale, validated and again they are grateful and again in a small way have a little guilty feeling.

So I have refreshed my profile and by doing so refreshed their memories of what I do and made two parties feel a little guilty.

So, imagine what they will do if someone in either of their networks or vicinities utters a word that they are not getting the best from LinkedIn? That’s right, they will rapidly volunteer to introduce them to me, endorsing what I do to the highest level and, lo and behold, one act of kindness gives me two client introductions and a more valuable relationship with all three parties.

Now go introduce your connections to your connections – invest a little and see how many referrals you get back.