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My role as a LinkedIn plumber

I have a very simple view of my role, I help other people to learn more about how LinkedIn© works and how they can apply it to help them to move forward.

All the training I do is tell a bit, do a bit, tell a bit more and do a bit more. I want people to do, to learn and to apply it to help them.

I have no wish to be put on a pedestal, I find it embarrassing to be honest, much rather come in through a door at the side than a red carpet. I want to make you look good and to make it work for you.

My role is simple – I work behind the scenes to make your profile look as good as it can be, to make you use LinkedIn© as well as you could do and to make your organisation use LinkedIn© as well as it should to reflect all the brands – personal and company. I join the pipes to your understanding – happy to work away behind the scenes so that when you make use of the plumbing in LinkedIn© the sales, influence, projects and jobs start to flow your way.

Very happy to be an expert LinkedIn© plumber, leave the red carpet and white smiley teeth to others, I’m happy to make you look good.