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Do you message like bush telegraph on LinkedIn?

Some of you will notice that when you type someone a message on LinkedIn it does annoying things like this …

Dear James <Enter>

Then it sends the message – grrrrr!

I wanted to get in touch because I want you to come along and speak at my event <Enter>

Then it sends a second message – double grrrr!

And so it goes line by line and each time you hit enter it sends the message, so the recipient instead of receiving one professional message gets a few (ten has been my record so far!) and it can be at least a little unprofessional and at worst very (very!) annoying.

But fear not, you can stop LinkedIn sending a message each time you hit enter by following our instructions below.

1) Go into your messages on LinkedIn
2) Select any message from someone you know on the left hand side by left clicking.
3) When you look at the message you will see three grey dots underneath the send button, please left click on those.
4) On the little pop up that appears (see image below) select the “Click Send” to send your message and your done.

Hey presto, no more sending message in bits and bites and hello professionalism.

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21 March 2018