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London is the most connected city as LinkedIn breaks half a billion users.

In the last two weeks LinkedIn announced that it has broken half a billion users, up from its previous stated 468 million in October last year. That means more than 1 million more users per week hence more than two new users per second still joining the biggest business social network, and there is no sign of it slowing down.

It continues to spread across over 200 countries with London achieving the best connected city with an average of 307 connections per person, but the average UK user having 144 connections, making the UK the fourth most connected country globally with the United Arab Emirates being most connected, followed by Netherlands/Holland in second and Singapore third.

The company also released a whole raft of new stats including more than 100,000 articles published every week, over 9 million company profiles and over 10 million jobs listed!

“The impact of half a billion professionals connecting and communicating is very real, and very accessible to anyone who wants to take part today,” LinkedIn said.

“We’re excited to think about the potential of what a highly connected global community of professionals can do, and the value that’s created for every member of the global workforce.”

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