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LinkedIn UK has over 23% of UK workers

As LinkedIn breaks the 9 million user mark in the UK we reflect on the fact it took just 118 days to add that additional million. In the UK we create a new LinkedIn user every 9.7 seconds!

When you look at the numbers they’re astounding, according to the statistics (www.statistics.gov.uk) there are around 38 million working age people in the UK – so that means 23% of all UK workers, professional or other, are on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s largest UK age demographic is the 35 to 54 age bracket, closely followed by the 25-34, with less than 750,000 users either under 24 or over 55.

Our experience has been these are either Facebook generation (under 24), who have yet to realise the advantages of social networking as opposed to social interaction, or the 55+ age range who often feel it’s “not for them” or it’s a “young person’s thing” not realising it is just networking, the thing they have always done, just in a more efficient and effective way.

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