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LinkedIn UK has more than 7 million UK users, up 3 million in 12 months

LinkedIn just tipped over 7 Million professional users in the UK, that’s more than 11% of the total UK population and very nearly as many UK users as there are people in Hong Kong!

The professional network goes from strength to strength with over 3 million joining LinkedIn in the last twelve months alone and LinkedIn has doubled in size globally in the last eighteen months!

To think that when it launched in May 2003 it got just 4,500 people in the first month and now it gets 1 million per week, that’s more than one new user per second.

As it stands there is approximately a third of the business people on the planet, imagine what you could do, where you could forge new relationships and how much better business could be if you got a good grip on LinkedIn and making it work for you?

The functionality is based on interconnecting professionals, using the same principle as the six degrees of separation where the academics tell us you can reach anyone on the planet in six relational ‘hops’. LinkedIn gives you three degrees of separation, often enabling you to have a reach of millions, but more interestingly to identify where the people you know have relationships and connections with those you’d like to know.

LinkedIn has unrealised potential to drive your business forward through the people you already know, imagine being able to find all the people your connections know, and that there connections know? Powerful indeed. Now imagine doing it from your desk or laptop and then having it email you the list each week or month – very powerful indeed.

With the ability to map your three levels of your network to the clients you want to reach, imagine where it could get you? In my first six years on LinkedIn in corporate life it netted me more than £10 million in new sales.

Where has it got you so far?