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LinkedIn UK get a new user every ten seconds!

In the UK LinkedIn gets 8,771 new users a day*

We all know that LinkedIn is the largest professional network, but not many know how quickly it grows. We have been watching over the last few months so that we can tell you.

The fastest growing professional network has been growing increasingly fast in the UK, in the last 114 days another million users joined.

To think that when it launched in May 2003 it got just 4,500 people in the first month globally, the UK is still one of the fastest growing markets for LinkedIn and it gets over 250,000 new users in an average month

With over a third of the business people on the planet, imagine what you could do, where you could forge new relationships and how much better business could be if you got a good grip on LinkedIn and make it work for you?

The functionality is based on interconnecting the worlds professionals, using the same principle as the six degrees of separation where the academics tell us you can reach anyone on the planet in six relational ‘hops’, whereas LinkedIn gives you three degrees of separation, often enabling you to have a reach of millions, but more interestingly to identify where the people you know have relationships and connections with those you’d like to know.

LinkedIn is not just about the people you connect with, there is much more value to be realised in the people that your connections know. Imagine being able to find all the potential clients that your connections know – sales, development and brand raising made easy.

Now imagine doing it from your desk or laptop and then having it email you the list each week or month – very powerful indeed and all for free.

8,771 people join LinkedIn in the UK each day, far less make it really work for them. You could make it unlock the relationships you have, get more referrals, more clients, more projects and more work – and if you don’t fully know how just get in touch.

*Research based on figures from LinkedIn.com