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LinkedIn skills up

LinkedIn has always been focused on people and has supported skills since the early days, and you can see a skills section within your profile just under your work experience and education (if you can’t, simply go to “Add profile sections” and you can include it).

But there has always been a couple of challenges that people have had with skills, and they have finally both been addressed by LinkedIn in the last few weeks.

One limit that some users found themselves hitting was that you could only have 50 skills, and they had more to share, but now LinkedIn has upped that limit to 100 skills – so you can go crazy with skills if you wish.

We’d advise you to keep it real, as much as possible, and make sure the skills you include are accurate, spelt right, reflect an array of hard and soft skills and also make sure you don’t duplicate exactly the same skill over and over – for example sales, international sales, global sales, business development, international business development, global business development, cold sales, hot sales and so on.

The other challenge that people have faced is that when you add skills LinkedIn appears to give you a list to select from and often they can’t find precisely the right skill on the list – which we understand. However, if you type (please make sure you use capitalisation appropriately!) the full name of the skill in the box and then hit enter it is added as a skill on your profile – another problem overcome.

Quite often the challenges people face and the uses they are trying to put it to are easily solved with a little perspective, insight, and education and if we can ever help don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

13 March 2024