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LinkedIn Signals no more



Sad to see that whilst I was away for a couple of weeks LinkedIn decided to turn off the Signal functionality on the 29th July 2013 and I think it is a real shame, but I am not that surprised.

It follows on from the shutting down of polls as a function at the end of June, but at least this left you with the ability to start a poll within a group, whereas Signal is now gone.

For those that didn’t know Signal was the ability to listen to what your network, your industry and your location was telling you via status messages and more, so that you knew what was going on around you on LinkedIn using filters and algorithms to find the critical catalytic information and events that you needed.

LinkedIn has a raft of functionality that can really help you, professionals and businesses to be even more successful but sadly they are not the best at helping people to make it work.

If only they put the same promotional effort into sharing what LinkedIn can do that they put into selling upgrades and recruitment solutions …