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LinkedIn Service Page

Another recent addition to LinkedIn is the service page which according to LinkedIn is a “dedicated landing pages that showcase your services and businesses at no cost.”

The idea is that this free tool will help your business get discovered on LinkedIn by its members and anyone outside of LinkedIn searching for your services via search sites, such as Google but also I suspect in the upcoming LinkedIn Marketplace update.

The service page is available globally, except in China, and appears on your profile under your headline. As an example you can see mine below:

The services on your Service Page will display on the feeds of your network as well as your own. They’ll also be discoverable in LinkedIn search by members who are and aren’t in your network, depending on your public profile visibility and what they search for (of course).

Anyone on LinkedIn can message you for free about your services if you enable that option which might open some more doors to potential clients for you.

It is really easy to add a service page to your profile. Go to your home page and select the Open button.

Select Providing Services, then review How it works before clicking Continue.

You then need to complete the required information, including the services you provide, your work location, client requests and visibility (we would recommend that you choose anyone on this option!).

You can choose up to 10 services that you offer, sadly you currently have to pick from a list, but hopefully the option to personalise your own wording will be introduced later. As an example:

Once you have completed all the required information, click Next, preview the information, and then Publish.

LinkedIn users can then search for your services by entering keywords in the Search Bar and this gives you another opportunity to be found.

It will be interesting to see this unfold and how this plays into the new LinkedIn Marketplace when it goes live in the UK and more.

14 June 2021