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LinkedIn Resolution for January – Talking to people

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and often started with the best of intentions, but are seldom adhered to after the month of January. People pay for unused gym memberships, wardrobes are full of Lycra sports kit with tags on, baskets of uneaten fruit are left and there are unused running shoes everywhere!

Basket of fruit

It is often traditional to do a New Years list for people to follow, but this year we thought we’d do something a little different. Watch out for a series of blogs for LinkedIn Resolutions throughout the year so that you can act on each one as it comes out and make the whole year better for you on LinkedIn – not just January.

We want you to learn how to improve your use of LinkedIn over time and use it as a foundation for the long term business benefits for networking, brand and bottom line but if you want a short term fix perhaps come along on a course .

The main method of keeping in touch with your connections on LinkedIn is by sharing a mix of updates, ideally speaking clearly in your own voice about what you are up to or sharing stories or articles you come across that will benefit your connections.

Sharing an update brings you and your brand (and value!) into their awareness, a bit like a “blip” on a radar screen and puts you top-of-mind for them, their needs or anyone they engage with. Think of it like this – you talk and communicate with people in normal life all the time – why not on LinkedIn?Post its

If you’re going to share an article then don’t forget to give it some context about why you have shared it or a point to kick start a conversation. Think about asking for views or input from your connections as this drives engagement of your update and also helps to spread the message you are trying to share through LinkedIn.

Many people have to overcome the “fear” of talking about themselves or what they are up to, but in real life if you met a connection accidentally at a conference, event or convention and they asked what you were up to you would answer, so perhaps you are just over thinking it? Perhaps a change of mindset is required – how about taking a leap of faith and sharing a few updates and see the numbers of people looking at your profile go up – let me know how you get on.

I am sure that you talk to people in real life, but if you are not posting an update regularly you have gone silent and disappeared into the ether and your connections will forget you, what you do, who you find interesting and the value you share through your products or services.

Why don’t you post an update on LinkedIn? Perhaps you just need to schedule more time or be a little more focused? If you go onto LinkedIn to post something, don’t get sidetracked by looking at all those funny videos, memes and maths problems!

Have you ever had a person run up to you at a business meeting, networking event or conference and ask if you know the answer to this maths problem? Stick a photo or meme in your face? Smile at you and just hold up a thumb? That never happens in a real life business situation so I would suggest you don’t do it on LinkedIn either!

Now stop reading this and go take some action! Post an update, talk to people on LinkedIn or if your struggling to make it work get in touch or book a course.