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LinkedIn releases Member Blocking


One of the most requested features I came across was the ability to block someone from seeing your profile on LinkedIn and after a while LinkedIn has got around to releasing the functionality.

This is aimed at those people who really shouldn’t be able to constantly (and often worryingly for users) look over their shoulders like ex-partners (life and work), those with malicious intent or even those in competition with you (but you’d never connect with a competitor would you? If so see this blog.

This functionality has serious effects so you want to understand what it does, the impact and how – so here goes.

  • You will remove them as a connection (no need to delete them it happens automatically and no they don’t get notification)
  • You won’t be able to access each other’s profiles inside of LinkedIn or send them a message
  • LinkedIn automatically removes endorsements & recommendations from that member
  • You won’t see each other in your “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” (as they cannot)
  • You will no longer appear in “People You May Know” and “People also Viewed”

But blocking is a two way thing, they cannot see you and you cannot see them – it’s only fair. Whilst they won’t receive any notification of this (unless they try to look at your profile from inside LinkedIn and then cannot and work it out!) only you can undo this action as part of your account privacy and settings.

If you do decide to block someone it is actually really straight forward.

How to block someone

1) Look at the profile of the person you want to block (or report) and hit the pull down beside endorse and select “Block or report”

member blocking 1

2) Select block if you want to remove and block them, or report. Obviously, I have removed all identities in this example so let’s just call them “A”


3) Then select report (if you feel the content of the profile is advertising, inappropriate, misrepresentation, out of date or other) or block and hit continue. It will then ask you to write a description for report (flagging the profile to LinkedIn for review) or confirm that you’re sure you want to block and ask you to hit continue.


It is worth noting however that it does not give you complete anonymity as they can still see your public profile, that version of your profile that appears in Google or Bing when someone searches for you there, but only that version, which of course you can manage when you review your public profile settings.

They might also see your updates or shares on LinkedIn second hand, if someone that you have as a level one connection then comments or shares your update and the blocked person is in their network, so worth noting.

If you run a group on LinkedIn and the person you block is a member of that group then you need to remove them from your group first and then block them too, otherwise they can see your profile as part of the group.

It is worth noting that there is also a limit to the number of people you can block to 50, so bear that in mind before you go blocking mad and also that this has no effect on those invisible viewers on your profile either.

As always you should manage those people you connect with and stay connected with at all times, even more so if you have privacy concerns.

I’ve worked with secret services organizations and army (even those on CIA watch list!) and it is all in how you think about, set-up and use your accounts to get the success you deserve.