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LinkedIn releases lead gen forms for your business page

LinkedIn has released lead contact forms for the company page on LinkedIn. A small step towards making business pages even more useful in the marketing mix.

Company pages have always played a secondary role within LinkedIn to be a hub for the content that staff can share, a point of reference for potential clients, building the followership to get the message out around the good “stuff” the business does, and now capture leads from potential clients too!

The Lead Gen Forms allow you to collect quality leads from people that visit your LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page. Members can open and submit a pre-filled form with their information including first name, surname, company, email, time and email permission.

The implementation process is quite straightforward:

1. Access your company Page admin view (click “Me” top right-hand corner on desktop / laptop)
2. Click the blue “Edit Page” button.
3. Select the Leads section on the left-hand side (see below), click Lead gen form.

4. Turn on the toggle next to Lead gen form to activate this section within your business page.
5. Select a call-to-action from the “Choose your CTA” dropdown list which includes options for contact sales, start free trial, arrange a demo, or get started).
6. Ensure you enter your Privacy policy URL; you can often find these on your existing websites.
7. Craft your Headline and Body Copy to attract the attention you deserve.
8. Click the Save button in the top right and you’re done!

The Lead Gen Form will appear below the “About” section of your Page. You can see an example of a completed lead gen form below

Hopefully this will get people completing your lead gen forms, but after someone has filled one out you can access and download them by:

1. Access your Business Page admin view.
2. Click “Analytics” tab on the top menu, then select “Leads” from the dropdown.

We think this is a real step forward for company pages on LinkedIn as they have always been quite static, other than dynamic personalisation of updates (where you can post an update to match a specific audience for free), and this enables marketing teams and more to extract more value.

If you want to learn more about LinkedIn or company pages just get in touch here or fill out our Lead Gen form on our company page 😊

20 July 2022