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LinkedIn puts back home page sort by recent ordering

There is a furore every time LinkedIn changes the profiles or interface and this most recent refresh was no different.

Locations of advanced search, groups and more has changed and little used functionality has been quietly removed.

But one function that was removed and missed by many was the ability to sort the homepage on LinkedIn so that you could see the most recent or most popular updates – which LinkedIn had chosen to remove in the last interface update.

But fear not! Due to the amount of feedback LinkedIn received it’s back! You can now have the most recent or the recommended ones from LinkedIn.

Blog sort

Simply look at your homepage and on the right under where it says post is a row of sliders, if you left click there you can sort your home page in the order you want. The only drawback is that it is a one time choice, so every time you want to change the order from most recommended you will need to select it.

So the feedback system works on LinkedIn! If you want to share your feedback with them then from the homepage click ‘More’ on the right and then select send feedback and you’re off!

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