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LinkedIn Network statistics RIP – LinkedIn kills functionality

LinkedIn used to let us all get a kick from seeing how many people were in our network at the three levels that LinkedIn gives us. The people we know (level one), their connections (level two) and the connections of our connections (level 3) but this is no longer possible in a nice easy fashion like we used to.

In a statement LinkedIn said “At LinkedIn, we want to provide a simple and useful experience for everyone. So from time to time, we take a closer look at how our features are being used by our members. Sometimes that means we decide to eliminate a feature, so we can better invest those resources in building new, great LinkedIn products. This is why we’ve decided to discontinue support of the Network Statistics page.”

There had been issues with the functionality since January 2012 on some users’ accounts, so I had suspected that it would evolve or change soon but I am sad to see it go.

But not all is lost! You can still see how many direct connections you have (level one) and also your total network reach (all three levels) on your home page on the right hand side just under “Who’s viewed your profile” as you can see in the capture from my profile below (as you will see I am no LION)

BLOGIMAGE1 LinkedIn profile stats killed off

You can also still see it by simply looking at your contacts menu / connections where the number of level one contacts is listed at the top.

BLOGIMAGE2 LinkedIn profile stats killed off

But of course if you want to find out how many people your connections know (i.e. level 2) you just have to use the advanced search, but as it’s one of the best bits of functionality I am sure you are all doing that, aren’t you?

There are many changes afoot at the moment and I will keep you posted but if you spot anything weird or new before I do then do let me know.