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LinkedIn kills carousel posts, profile cover videos, and in-image links and I suspect you won’t miss them.

LinkedIn quietly discontinued three features from 26 June – carousel posts, profile videos, and in-image links but will you miss them?

The official line from LinkedIn was “Thanks to your invaluable feedback, we’ve learned that some of our creation tools aren’t facilitating your ability to share all your amazing experiences and expertise with your community. This includes carousels, profile video, and the ability to embed clickable links within the image or video of your posts. So, starting June 26th, we’ll be removing these tools, though your current posts will still be viewable.”

As with most of LinkedIn, if the features do not get used (and hence are not valuable), they will be removed as we have previously seen with Q&A, events (now returned), and so many more features.

Carousel posts are seen as the biggest loss according to some. This was the ability to have a rotating carousel of images which traditionally got eyes looking at your post for longer (or dwell as LinkedIn likes to call it), and LinkedIn looked at this favourably so those carousel type posts were always popular with some groups, but obviously not enough as this feature didn’t even last a year.

However, you can easily replicate this if you know how to make either a multi-page PDF or gif, and it will work just the same way! The multi-page PDF acts like a slideshow with the viewer being prompted to click to see the next “slide”.

LinkedIn added profile videos back in 2021, and it never really seemed like a big winner as lots of people weren’t comfortable shooting their own video, or even when someone else did it! The feature let you share a short video clip that was linked from your profile image, but it never really caught on so it has been killed off.

LinkedIn also killed an option to add clickable links to images and videos in the app, which it added in August last year, but again didn’t really get adopted as people seem to prefer to share the links naturally, as opposed to with a sticker.

There are still more than enough functions in there to keep you busy, successful and profitable with more coming soon!

28 June 2023